Saturday, June 1, 2024

The writer in his Viking phase...


Friday, May 10, 2024

 A day at the Zoo

The bonobo scowled at me

he did not like me looking...

Who was zooming who?

I saw a wild animal

a 10 year old girl

throwing a tantrum on the ground

Poor polar bear

paced around and around

in the hot New Zealand sun

ice creams melted

Do not feed the animals’

but it’s OK to stuff yourself

The hippopotamus was the worst

annoyed by laughing watchers

he fanned his little tail

and sprayed shit everywhere

Lou Reed said it was a ‘Perfect Day’

But I saw something else

teasing, taunting

an expensive tour

for little children

and parents

who must endure.


You overestimate me too much

I have a yen for yen...

a trip to Japan

would fill my soul

with money with a little hole...

A hundred for a dollar

how would I keep count?

Looking for nirvana

While my expenses mount.

I shell out the folding paper

guessing at its worth

round the temple I go

kicking up the earth

A hundred Buddhas stare at me

with a golden smile

perhaps I’ll stay in Nippon-land

and chill out here in style

estimations an easy game

when none of it matters

I’ll go home to Aotearoa

and leave my dream in tatters.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Hole in the Sky

The radio just told me
of a war going by

a mother told me
her child wouldn't cry

I sat and listened
what else to do

are you going to get up
and join this war too?

Shaking and rattling,
Blazes on ice,
Loving and bleeding,
A hole in the sky,
A hole in the sky...

This ship is not sailing
it has no more crew

watch for the albatross
see where it flew

The trip is a long one
it began at the end

look close behind you
you might need a friend.

Shaking and rattling,
Blazes on ice,
Loving and bleeding,
A hole in the sky,
A hole in the sky...


Higher Power guides my way

keeping me safe

and not astray

Events don’t go the way I planned

but HP has got it sorted

Prayer should not be my last resort

but the key that opens my day

and the lock when I turn out my light

The less I struggle

the more serene

acceptance & surrender

no longer a dream

when I float down

the stream of life.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

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